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As highly experienced leader in information security, both leading execution and research and as professional speaker, Dr. Martijn Dekker has the ambition to help grow the required knowledge and leadership in cybersecurity. This is important as our societies are quickly becoming digital and our data and values need to be protected in that transition. That is why he dedicates part of his time to giving lectures at universities, advicing boards of companies and research programmes and contribute to MBAs and masterclasses.

In 2022 he was voted to be one of the 100 most innovative and influential security leaders in the world: Global CISO 100 awards 2022.

In-company trainings: If you want to improve insights or awareness in the area of information security in your senior management team or boards, if you want an external pair of eyes reviewing your information security strategy, please contact Martijn to discuss possibilities.

Events: if you are looking for a professional speaker for your event, for all kinds of audiences, please contact Martijn. He has many years of experience of doing this for large and small audiences, for specialists and non-specialists, and he can tailor his story in close cooperation with you to suit your needs.

You can contact him via to get his advices, book him for a session or discuss other opportunities.


Recent and planned lectures and keynotes can be found here.

references and quotes:

"Martijn is an inspirational speaker, his incredible back story takes you on a journey to trigger you to think outside the expected frameworks."

Marcel van Oirschot, EVP KPN Security

"We have spoken at events together and Martijn's very clear exposition of the challenges and the opportunities of the virtual world have been incredible useful to the layman and the expert alike."

Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys

"I've known Martijn for many years as a most progressive cybersecurity professional. His ability to articulate his strategy and vision is exemplary and only surpassed by his ability to execute this vision."

Mary O'Brien, General Manager IBM Security

"Martijn's colleges kenmerkten zich door diepgaande kennis van cybersecurity en daarbij behorende IT governance. Hij weet gedegen praktijk kennis te combineren met kennis van onderzoek en theorie. Deelnemers en werkgevers waren altijd enthousiast over Martijn."

Prof. Dr. R. Fijneman RE RA, Partner KPMG N.V.

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